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Zhejiang Future Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang Future Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Welcome to future

Zhejiang Future Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Zhejiang Future Machinery Co.,Ltd. is developed from Ruian Donghua Medicine Processing Machinery Co.,Ltd. The company has always aimed at developing Chinese pharmaceutical machine and surpassing European technical level of pharmaceutical machine, and researching and developing new pharmaceutical machine. Holding a concept of "umanism oriented and repay to country"

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Annual productivity
Annual output value
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Industry experience

Strong strength, many years of industry experience

With 30 years of industry experience, it is a high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D and production of pharmaceutical machinery products, integrating industry resources, business planning, sales, and operation management.

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Professional and strict

Professional technical team, strict quality inspection

The company has senior, middle and junior engineering and technical personnel with product development research, marketing strategy research and excellent after-sales service. The company operates in accordance with ISO9001 quality

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Training Services

Technical training guidance, active after-sales response

The technical engineer is accompanied by free home delivery, installation and installation and professional operation technical guidance. Actively respond to the service and help you solve problems such as pre-sales, mid-sales and after-sales at any time.

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In order to meet customers' increasing demand for automated packaging of new products, we need more stable and advanced packaging technology; in this regard, Gogo can help you solve complex problems in the production process of new products, and can meet your needs. Tailor products and services that exceed expectations.
DPH-268S Blister Packaging Machine GLX-150 Automatic dry granulator HJSG-200/600 Intelligent automatic high-efficiency...

Dry granulation is to press the powder mixture into large tablets and then pulverize the granules to

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Zhejiang Future Machinery Co.,Ltd. is developed from Ruian Donghua Medicine Processing Machinery Co.

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According to production experience, it is found that the aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine 

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The dry granulator uses the latest rolling control technology. The control equipment of this equipme

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